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About Stash Wines


Stash Wines brings sought-after, artisanal wines, crafted in small batches, to casual wine drinkers, enthusiasts and collectors. You’ve never heard of this particular label before. Or you have, and you’re dying to get your hands on it. But where do you go to learn about the best up-and-coming wines from Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Santa Barbara and beyond? Stash Wines!

We curate a constantly updated "stash" of new wine projects just released to the public, along with wines that have been produced for several vintages, yet the production is very small so you won’t see it deeply discounted at any big box stores. We'll share with you some of the things we like best about the wines we're excited about, and also tell you the story behind the wine: the terroir, what we personally saw the last time we walked the vineyard with the winemaker, or the “valley gossip” about how a particular wine made its debut.

All wines we offer and have access to are held in a secure, temperature controlled environment. The wines we choose to feature come direct from the winery or from select, hand picked distributors offering the finest wines in the world. We do not purchase wines for resale unless we can guarantee the pedigree and integrity of the product and our partners. We want you to feel confident that the wines that will eventually head your way have been handled with the greatest care.

You’ll be able to add fantastic new finds to your wine fridge or cellar with enviable goodness your neighbor or your boss doesn't have; and Stash Wines will arm you with the details so you can share (only if you want to) a great wine and great story with your friends.

Be well. Drink well. Drink often!

The Stash Wines Team